Complete reference list

Sama Project Pleasure Motor Vessel Aman at Sea 2023- Complete ship design
Seabourn Pursuit Passenger Vessel Seabourn Cruise 2021-2023 Complete ship design
Seabourn Venture Passenger Vessel Seabourn Cruise 2020-2022 Complete ship design
Ro-Ro Iginia Cargo Ship RFI Rete Ferroviaria Italiana 2020-2021 Complete ship design
Fulk Al Salamah Passenger vessel Oman Government 2013-2016 Complete ship design
Wolf Supply vessel Righetti Navi 2011-2013 Complete ship design
20000GT Passenger Ship Passenger vessel - 2015 Concept design
9000GT Ro-Ro/Pax Ro-Ro passenger - 2015 Concept design
3000mt Ro-Ro/Pax Ro-Ro passenger - 2014 Concept design
Seabourn Quest Passenger vessel Carnival Cruise Co. 2013 Ice class conversion
Costa NeoRomantica Passenger vessel Costa Crociere 2011-2012 Complete refitting design
Rahil Pleasure yacht Private Owner 2008 - 2009 Complete ship design
Seabourn Odissey Cruise ship Carnival Cruise Co. 2006 - 2011 Complete ship design
Seabourn Sojourn
Seabourn Quest
Sea Force One Pleasure yacht Private Owner 2006 - 2008 Complete ship design
Mini rimorchiatore 10.5m Tug Cantieri Navali Vadesi 2007 Complete ship design
Amadea Cruise ship V-Delta 2007 Refurbishing, Lightship Survey & Inclining Test, Deadweight modification, Navigation Bridge Visibility
Costa Fleet Cruise ship Costa Crociere 2007-2016 Fire control plan update, fire action plan
Heavy Lift Ro-Ro cargo Interprogetti 2007 Feasibility study
Seven Seas Voyager Cruise ship Celtic Pacific 2007 Light ship survey
Fils de Grace Motor yacht Alfa Yachts Yards 2007 Power Prediction & New Engine arrangement, Structural Drawings
IAL-000 6m Lifesaving motorboat VVFF 2006 Basic Design
Perini 126 m Sailing pleasure yacht Perini 2005 - 2006 Structure and superstructure design
Costa Concordia Cruise vessel Costa Crociere 2006 Side doors arrangement
Norman Spirit Passenger ferry Louis Dreyfus 2005 SOLAS Upgrading compliance, Transfer of flag & Port State control assistance
Carnival Elation Cruise ship Carnival Cruise Co. 2005 Fire control plan update
Carnival Spirit
Carnival Sensation
Carnival Ecstasy
Carnival Paradise
Costa Serena Cruise ship Costa Crociere 2005 Skylight
Giulio Verne Cable laying ship V-Ships 2004 Structural study & capacity plan update
Tempest Pleasure motor yacht Private Owner 2003 Complete refitting design
Dionea Pleasure motor yacht Private Owner 2003 Complete refitting design
Four Bay Oil Tankers Premuda Tankers Spa 2003 Structural modification in lower stool, mooring arrangement, gas detection system, training and maintenance manuals, fire safety booklet, ballast water management
Four Island
 Four Spring
Costa Europa Cruise ship Costa Crociere 2002 Refurbishing Res.MSC.24(60) SOLAS upgrading Porta State Control Assistance
Victory Ro-ro passenger Grimaldi Group 2002 Superstructure modifications, Solas Conference updates Res. MSC. 24(60) Solas Upgrading refurbishing
Golfo dei Coralli Trailer/passenger ferry Marsano Group 2000 - 2002 Basic design and building survey
Seven Seas Voyager Cruise ship Regent 2000 - 2003 Complete ship design
Four Star Oil Tankers Premuda Tanker Spa 2001 Load master software on board, water ballast management
Four Stern
Four Lochs
Four Etoile
Adriana Cruise ship Prestige 2001 New Stability, Refurbishing, SOLAS Res. MSC.24(60)
Silver Shadow Cruise ship Silver Sea L.t.d. 1998 - 2000 Complete ship design
Silver Whisper
Seven Seas Navigator Cruise ship Regent 1998 - 1999 Complete ship design
Ferula Crewboat Società Investimenti Armatoriali 1998 Complete ship design
Taurus Aries Fast Ferry Ro-ro Tirrenia 1998 Complete aluminium superstructure design: GA & Shop drawing nesting
Vincenzo Florio Passenger ferry Tirrenia 1996 - 1998 Complete ship design
Cesare Rubattino
Minerva Cruise ship Saga-Explorer shipping Co. 1996 Complete ship design

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